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Auger Conveyors

Round conveyors 4-6"
Pushing conveyor  5"

Horizontal conv. 150mm


Road & Enviroment




- Grain augers

4" ja 5" Conveyors

left: 5" conveyor,  top:  top end of 4" conveyor
4” and 5” conveyors are similar except motor mounting. 5" conveyor is belt-driven when 4" conveyor is direct-driven.
4" and 5" conveyors are made of zinc-plated steel pipe. Lengthening pieces are made of zinc-plated sheet metal. 
Standard lenght is 5 meters, which can be lenghtened in 1 and 2 meter pieces.

All conveyors have standard 160mm grain pipe connection at output end. (Parts shown are extra equipment)

6" Conveyor

Tuhti 6” conveyor is made similar to 5" conveyor except 6" is made of painted steel pipe, wall thickness 3mm. 6" conveyor is much heavier than 5" conveyor.
Standard lenght is 5 meters, which can be lenghtened in 1 and 2 meter pieces.
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Info about TUHTI - Auger Conveyors


lenght metres


5 6 7 8 9 10 11


Tuhti 4" 1,5kW 2,2kW 3,0kW
Tuhti 5" 2,2kW 3,0kW 4,0kW
Tuhti 6" 4,0kW 5,5kW
All the conveyors are desinged to use standard foot-mounted electric motors (1500r/min).
If conveyor have to start full, motor should be one size bigger than indicated in table above.
Need of power increases when conveyors angle is lower, because steeper conveyor delivers less grain.
Capacities :
  Horizontal 60°
Tuhti 4" 16 t/h 12 t/h
Tuhti 5" 25 t/h 16 t/h
Tuhti 6" 40 t/h 25 t/h
Auger conveyors delivery reduces in angles steeper than 60 degrees.