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- Vacuumtanks for swap body frame 

Tankers on swap body frame are manufactured for hook lift trucks and also for older models with wire lifting system. Swap body attachment can be made also according the Swedish standard.

The size of the tanker in photo is 12000 litres, diameter is 1600 mm. The tankers is equipped vacuumpump of 12000 l/min driven by a hydraulic motor. Silencer & oil collector is connected to the vacuumpump.

8000 l/min vacuumpump, with hydraulic motor

Swap body frame vacuum tank 12000 l , with 12000l/min pump and silencer. 

Standard equipment:

  • the buckling stiffeners around the vessel – the tanker stands full vacuum
  • inside coating is epoxy pitch and outside there are two layers of paint
  • reliable overflow valve with two balls prevents liquid going into the vacuumpump
  • diameter of the manhole is 500 mm
  • the vessel has been welded on both sides
  • 2 or 3 inspection glasses at the front end and one at the rear end
  • plastic suction hose of 102 mm diameter, lenght 6 meters
  • holders for suction hose on both sides of the tanker
  • vacuumpump Battioni&Pagani 8000 l/min with hydraulic motor
  • safety valves according PED on the top of the tanker
  • the manometer stand the pipe – it prevents liquid going into the manometer
  • suction/discharge coupling at the manhole cover at the rear and

Extra equipment

  • vacuumpump 12000 l/min with hydraulic motor
  • bottom suction with a special fork coupling.
  • discharge pipe for field spreading
  • hydraulic gate valve to the spreading pipe
  • silencer & oilcollector for the vacuumpump
  • mechanical agitator inside of the tanker driven by hydraulic motor for difficult liquids
  • you can order you tanker in any RAL colour
  • suction cranes

Tank sizes :

volume diameter length number of
145 cm
160 cm
160 cm
515 cm
530 cm
630 cm

Additional information:

Silencer for
vacuum tanker